Most farmers are engaged in subsistence production, the production is intended primarily to meet the needs of their own families, and most people sell agricultural purpose is to provide merchants, financial institutions and banks repay debt.

Of agricultural products to the market, not just a simple sale, but by a series of activities constitute, and by the production process, price, place, promotion, and many other factors. Agricultural market refers to the product produced, the process of reaching consumers. In some people's opinion, should first produce products, then go to the market, this view is not correct. Only the first development of the market, will it be possible to sell products, farmers can benefit from the sale. Therefore, the market development is essential and is the driving force of agricultural production.

Small-scale farmers will accept this viewpoint it? Agricultural production came out, in the process of selling to the market, farmers' organizations should consider the form of cooperatives or farmer. When co-operatives and other forms of marketing, the farmers will have better bargaining power. In order to mobilize the enthusiasm of sales staff, but also from a portion of the profits as a reward, but the selling process information must be transparent, so as to establish mutual trust among members